Manufacturing Process
All Products are manufactured in accordance with the guideline set by Bureau of Indian Standards.
In the manufacturing process we require steel casting of various grades, stainless steel round bars, Forging, Hardware (Nuts and Bolts), Gaskets, Paints and also packing materials. We purchase all raw materials from the approved suppliers.
All raw material checked by our Internal Quality Assurance Department prior to infusion into the manufacturing process. For example, when we receive Steel casting and Rods, it is checked and then passed on to store with an “INWARD PASSED” signed and stamp, if it is rejected it is sent back to the supplier with a G.I.R note.
The raw material is issued to the machined shop for machining through materials requisition slips. Valve body, Bonnet, valve seat, Spindles etc. Are machined on central lathe machine, after which all the components are checked by varnier calipers or micro meters.
If it is found to be OK dimensionally and visually, the valve body and bonnet are sent to Hydrostatic testing to the testing area and other components are sent to Fitting / assembling department. All the bodies and bonnets are tested on Motorized Hydrostatic Pump or on Hand Operated Pumps. A pressure test is carried out as per relevant standards. The theory being, when the body or bonnet is under pressure there should not be any leakage or drops of the testing from any portion of the bodies and bonnets. If there is any leakage observed, it is rejected and sends back to the foundries.
The body and bonnet which are hydrostatically OK are sent to the Fitting Shop for assembly, duly handled with care so that there is no scratching on machined surfaces. In the fitting shop body and bonnets are drilled on drill machine with the help of Jigs and Fixtures for uniformity and interchangeability by Quality Assurance Department and passed, or send back.
After assembly the new complete valve, is sent for hydrostatic testing again. If no leakage observed, as per the relevant standards, it is sent to finishing department.
Here the valve body surface is debarred and finished by sanders and flexible shaft grinders for better appearance and smooth finishing. We use selected colors for final finishing.

Here it should be noted that valves which are manufactured for Department or Organization who ask for third party inspection are not painted initially. They are offered for inspection by the Concern inspectors, without paint, but in a complete assembled stage. After the punching of Special inspection final painting is done.
After painting final inspection is done by our Quality Assurance Department/Third Party Special agency, whose responsibility now is Co-relate and check all records relating to the valve concern.
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